Release notes 06-18-2024


  • AWS CloudWatch (Beta): new connector that allows you to send metrics data to the Amazon CloudWatch service and view it in a secure and organized way. This connector is in Beta phase. Learn more in the documentation.

  • RabbitMQ (General Availability): the connector has been updated and it’s now possible to use SSL/TLS authentication in addition to Basic authentication. This increases security as the data transferred between the clients and the server is encrypted. You can find more information about the new configuration in the RabbitMQ documentation.

Licensing - License consumption (General Availability)

Within the project information, it’s now possible to select more than one project to compare the consumption.

Learn more in the documentation about License consumption.

AI Assistant for Next Steps Recommendation (General Availability)

The release phase of the feature AI Assistant for Next Steps Recommendation has been upgraded from Beta to General Availability.

This feature allows you to use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to analyze connector suggestions in the flow.

Learn more in the documentation about the Smart Connector User Experience.

We also implemented improvements and fixed some bugs:


  • Administration - Digibee APIs: the API Management section is now called Digibee APIs. Use the credentials page to create your keys to access the Pipeline Metrics APIs.

  • ZTNA Connections - New permissions and visualization: now it’s possible to manage visualization and access to ZTNA connectivity features.

  • Monitor - Ordering and pagination: now you can paginate and sort the pipelines on the Monitor page by name, number of execution, errors, and execution time.

  • Run - Enhanced information about pipelines: we've updated the card layout to better highlight the number of running replicas and added the Engine version information.


  • Assert V2 - HTTP Status Code not displayed correctly: we've fixed the bug where the status code always returned 504 when the "Fail On Error" parameter was enabled in Assert V2, regardless of the "HTTP Status Code" parameter configuration. Now, the connector correctly returns the configured “HTTP Status Code”.

  • Canvas - Blank page when scrolling "code" fields in the connector: we’ve fixed the bug that caused the page to go blank when using the scroll bar in "code" fields within the connector configuration.

  • Canvas - Search field doesn’t work: we’ve fixed the bug that prevented the canvas search from finding all matching results.

  • License consumption - Information displayed incorrectly in additional environments: we’ve fixed the bug where environments other than "test" and "prod" were displaying empty consumption data on the License consumption page. Now the information is only displayed in the "prod" and "test" environments. Even if there are more environments in the realm, each additional non-production environment will be considered as "test" for the calculation.

Release notes 06-04-2024


  • JSON to XML Transformer: a new Root Element Attribute parameter has been added to the JSON to XML Transformer connector. This allows you to add an attribute to the root element of the generated XML. For more details, see the documentation.

  • Object Store: three new operations have been added to the Object Store connector: Create Index, Drop Index, and List Indexes. These operations enable setting a TTL (Time to Live) for indexes, facilitating the management and automatic deletion of documents. For more information, read the documentation.

  • JWT V2: the Custom Account parameter has been added to the JWT V2 connector. This parameter allows referencing the information of a configured account in some token claims using Double Braces while generating a JWS token. Currently, this reference is available for Issuer (iss) and Custom Claims. Read more in our documentation.

  • REST V2: the connector now supports the NTLM account type. Additionally, Custom Accounts can be referenced using Double Braces in the Value field of Query Params. These updates simplify referencing accounts directly in query parameters. Further information can be found in the documentation.

Login - How to solve login problems

We've improved the security measures and the login flow when logging in to the Digibee Integration Platform. Login validation with Digibee credentials and two-factor authentication are now even more secure, as is reCAPTCHA validation. Read our documentation to learn how to solve login problems.

Licensing - License consumption

On the License consumption page, you can better manage and track your deployed pipelines and consumption. This applies to RTUs in the Subscription-based model, Licenses in the Pipeline-based model, and Credits in the Capacity-based model. The graphs have been updated to provide more clarity and visibility, displaying all Test and Prod information on the same screen. Learn more about how the licensing models work at Digibee.

Capsules - AI Assistant for Capsules Docs Generation (General Availability)

With this new feature, it’s possible to create documentation for capsules, saving your time and maintaining documentation consistency, increasing productivity.

The Generate documentation with AI button is available in the capsule configuration panel and can be used as many times as necessary to allow you to validate the documentation before making it available to other developers.

Read the documentation to learn how to use the AI Assistant for Capsules Docs Generation.

Canvas - Smart Connector User Experience

  • Search for REST endpoints

It’s now possible to search for REST endpoints of deployed pipelines in all environments in the Smart Connector. Once the endpoint is selected, a REST connector with pre-configured URL and Verb parameters is added to the flow.

  • AI Assistant for Next Steps Recommendation

Within our Smart Connector, the AI ​​Assistant for flow creation feature has been renamed to AI Assistant for Next Steps Recommendation allowing you to use advanced artificial intelligence techniques to analyze connector suggestions in the flow.

Learn more in the documentation about the Smart Connector User Experience.

Run - Deployment history advanced functions (General Availability)

We’re glad to announce the phase update to GA. This feature allows you to view or restore any deployed pipeline version.

Learn more in the deployment history advanced functions documentation.

ZTNA Connections - How to add new connections

Now you can create new ZTNA connections on the Connectivity module and allow ZTNA users to have more autonomy on the Platform.

Check out the documentation and learn more about.

We’ve also made some improvements and fixed a few bugs:


  • Monitor - Alerts configuration tab: we added a new tab and now you have another option to access and set alerts from the home page. Visit the Monitor page or check the documentation to see this upgrade!


  • Pipeline - Blank page when opening the capsule configuration in a pipeline: we’ve fixed the bug where a blank page would open when trying to open the configuration of a capsule that is no longer available within a pipeline.

  • Canvas - TAB key doesn't change the field focus in connectors: we’ve fixed the bug that prevented users from changing the field focus in connectors using the TAB key. Exceptionally, in code fields, it's necessary to press Esc + TAB to perform this action.

  • Double Braces - LASTELEMENT function not retrieving the correct element: we’ve fixed the bug that caused the LASTELEMENT function to retrieve random elements of the array instead of the last element.

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