How to configure alerts on Telegram

Learn how to configure notification alerts on Telegram.

Important information:

  • When we first create an alert, it’s by default deactivated and needs to be manually activated.

Follow these steps to configure alerts on Telegram:

  1. Install the Telegram app on your smartphone;

  2. Create a username;

  3. In the app's contact list, please search for@DigibeeMonitorBot and @RawDataBot;

  4. When redirected to the chat with the two bots, please start both conversations by clicking “Start”.

  1. The bot responds by providing a payload, and the necessary information is the numbers listed in the field below:

“Chat”: {

“Id”: xxxxxxxxx,

  1. Copy the ID into the field “ChatID” on the Monitor page “Set up alert by pipeline

This field appears only when the Telegram toggle is enabled.

See the images below for more clarity:

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