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Licensing models

Learn about the licensing models Digibee offers.
The Digibee Integration Platform offers two licensing models to better meet customer needs: The Subscription-based Model and the Capacity-based Model. There is also a third model, the Pipeline-based Model, which was the first licensing model offered by Digibee, but is not available to new customers and will not be offered in the future.

Pipeline-based model

The Pipeline-based model was the first license model offered by Digibee but is no longer commercially available. This license offered a minimum of ten (10) pipelines, with each pipeline containing one (1) license. This license could only be used for deployment in one environment.
With this model, you can create as many pipelines as you want. The limit only applies to the deployment. As an evolution of this plan, a new license was released, the Subscription-based model, which includes some enhancements and new branded features.
If you are using the Pipeline-based model, please contact your Customer Success Manager and ask them to perform the migration to another licensing model at no cost.

Subscription-based model

This is our new branded licensing model offered by Digibee that provides a great pipeline development experience. The subscription-based model allows you to build as many pipelines as you like and offers at least ten (10) pipeline subscriptions.
It includes two (2) production RTUs deployed in the Prod environment and one (1) test RTU deployed in the Test environment.
Each pipeline subscription refers to one unique integration flow deployed in the Digibee Integration Platform. This means that a pipeline has been built, tested in the test environment, and deployed in the production environment. You can scale your integration horizontally or vertically with our Runtime Units (RTUs).

Capacity-based model

This licensing model is designed to support customers running a dedicated SaaS installation. In this model, you are responsible for the entire cloud infrastructure, unlike the other licensing models where it is hosted by Digibee. Different types of clouds can be used in the Digibee Integration Platform.
With this licensing model, you can build as many pipelines as you want. For each deployment, one (1) Credit is consumed to deploy a pipeline in any environment. Also, all components and many other features are included in this license.
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