April 2022 updates on any recent changes, feature enhancements, or bug fixes for the Digibee iPaaS.

Release notes 04-26-2022


We’ve also fixed a bug:

  • WebDAV: we’ve fixed the error that occasionally blocked file uploads.

Release notes 04-12-2022


  • HTTP, REST and HTTP File: now it’s possible to configure response headers using Double Braces. That means any value can be added into the body or metadata of pipelines. For more information read the full documentation: HTTP, REST, HTTP File - Downloads, and HTTP File - Uploads.


The mTLS functionality is now released for all customers. The mutual TLS, or mTLS, is a bilateral authentication protocol. By validating that both parties (server and client) have the correct private key, mTLS ensures that the people or systems on both sides of a network connection are who they claim to be.

Read the mTLS documentation here.


Our support service now works 24/7 hours and in 3 languages ​​(Portuguese, English, and Spanish), for all customers.

If you need help, open a chat through the Digibee Integration Platform using the "?" icon.

Click here to learn more about it.


In order to improve our documentation, we’ve created the article below:

  • Test-mode

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Retry: fixed the error that occurred after the timeout in the Retry component of an execution, where the component did not execute the next request.

  • Pipeline Logs: fixed the error that showed a log line with the message “Unexpected error” and the field Pipeline Key blank. This message appeared when the JWT and REST V2 components received a response in HTML format.

To check the behavior of the component responses, access the full documentation here: Digibee JWT, REST V2.

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