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Monitor overview

Keep track of deployed pipelines.
On the Overview page, you can keep track of created pipelines. By now, this page shows data about the 10 most executed pipelines.
On the top left of the page, you can select the desired environment: test or prod.
Below the environment selector, the monitoring cards display the number of created and deployed pipelines, as well as the number of created accounts on the selected environment.
Use the search bar to filter pipelines by their name or a keyword, which is a part of a pipeline name.
Use the time period selector to filter the time range of the overview report. You can select a predetermined time period between the last 15 minutes and the last 30 days, or specific start and end dates and times.
Selecting a specific time period
The overview table shows a summary of the executions of the most executed pipelines in the selected period. In it, you can see the:
  • Pipeline name
  • Total number of executions (failed or successful) and failed executions
  • Pipeline version
  • Average pipeline execution time
You can click on the magnifying glass icon to see the details of these executions on the Completed Executions page.
Overview table
In the overview chart, you can see the number of successful and failed executions, as well as the average, minimum, and maximum execution time for the pipelines shown in the table.
Overview chart
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