Smart Connector User Experience

Learn how to add a new connection directly in the flow in pipelines and capsules with the Smart Connector in the Digibee Integration Platform.

The Smart Connector User Experience is a feature that allows you to add new connections directly into the flow without having to drag and drop them from the palette of connectors and capsules. You can also use this feature to perform a unified search for elements in the canvas.

The available connections include:

How to use the Smart Connector

Follow these steps to use the Smart Connector:

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the trigger or the last connecting piece of the flow and click on the + icon button in the floating menu.

  2. In the window that opens, you can scroll down to see all available connectors, capsules, and endpoints or use the search bar to search for a specific connector, capsule, or endpoint.

  3. Use the filters on the right side of the window to see:

  • All Results: all results, including AI suggestions, connectors, capsules, and endpoints.

  • Endpoint: the available REST endpoints of the deployed pipelines in your realm, regardless of their environment.

  • Connectors: only connectors.

  • Capsules: only capsules.

  1. Click on the desired element to automatically add it as the next step of the flow.

Types of connections

Learn more about each type of connection available on the Smart Connector.


Connectors are tools used to perform certain operations or functions as part of an integration flow. Each connector represents a step in the integration flow and can be used according to different business requirements.

Learn more about the available connectors on the Digibee Integration Platform.


Capsules are a set of configured connectors that are encapsulated to be reused in pipeline construction. Since they allow modularizing business logic, it becomes easier to manage, maintain, and update individual parts of the system, as well as decrease the pipeline building time.

You can create and maintain your own capsules or use the public capsules that have been created by the Digibee team and are available for all realms.

Learn more about Capsules on the Digibee Integration Platform.

AI suggestions

AI suggestions are provided by Digibee's AI Assistant for Next Steps Recommendation, which gives you suggestions for the next connector that could be added to your integration. This feature allows you to create your flows faster, as the AI identifies the most frequently used connectors based on previous selections and uses advanced statistical analysis to suggest the most likely connectors for the flow. This streamlines the decision-making process and promotes efficiency, since you no longer have to think about the next connector or search through all the connectors in the palette.

The Assistant makes up to 10 suggestions for the next component, based on the order of highest probability, with the first available suggestion being the most likely. You can analyze them and decide whether and which one suits your flow better.

Learn more about the AI features currently available on the Digibee Integration Platform.


REST endpoints are created when pipelines that use the REST trigger are deployed, and they can be retrieved on the Run page.

In the Smart Connector User Experience, you can easily search for the endpoints available in your realm. Once you have selected one of the options, a REST connector will automatically be added to the flow with the URL and Verb parameters filled in.

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