How to configure alerts on Slack

Learn how to configure notification alerts on Slack.

Important information:

  • When we first create an alert, it’s by default deactivated and needs to be manually activated.

  • The notifications are available in Portuguese only.

In addition to configuring alerts via email, Telegram or Webhook, you can also use Slack as a channel to set up your alerts.

Follow these steps to configure alerts on Slack:

  1. Log in to Slack.

  2. Install the Incoming Webhooks app on Slack.

Only Slack administrators are able to install apps. If you don’t have this right, click Request configuration or contact your administrator directly.

  1. Click Add to Slack.

  2. Choose on which channel you want to receive alert notifications or create a new channel.

  3. Click Add integration with Incoming Webhooks.

  4. Copy and save the Webhook URL.

  5. Personalize the name of the alert and the icon if you prefer.

  6. Save settings.

Follow these steps to finalize configuring the alerts on the Digibee Integration Platform:

  1. Create the alert following the steps explained in the “How to create an alert documentation".

  2. Activate the Slack toggle.

  1. Insert the Webhook URL previously copied.

  2. Click Save.

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