Send notifications via email

Learn more about the Send notifications via email collection.

To access the Send notifications via email collection and use the features presented in this article, you need the permission PIPELINE:CREATE. Learn more in the documentation about Roles.

The purpose of the Send notifications via email collection is to receive any JSON content at the input in addition to the variables and send it via email.

Static capsule configuration parameters

  • smtp-email: account for authentication with the email server.

  • de (from): the sender's address.

  • environment: specifies the environment of the warning, for example test or prod.

  • destinatário (recipient): recipient to whom the email should be sent. To use a list, specify a JSON array in string format.

  • pipeline: the name of the pipeline (free text field).

  • descricao-alerta (alert description): title used in the header of the email.

  • assunto (subject): customized subject to identify the email.

Dynamic capsule configuration parameters

The parameters can also be configured dynamically. To do this, inform the parameters within the "emailParams" object: {}.

Dynamically informed parameters are overwritten by static parameters.


  "logger": {
    "status": 200,
    "body": {
      "soap:Envelope": {
        "soap:Body": {
          "Erros": {
            "DescricaoErro": "Código de documento 1 não encontrado."
          "ProcessamentoOK": false
  "emailParams": {
    "pipeline": "confirmar-ticket-gera",
    "descricao-alerta": "Erro ao consultar dados para integração.",
    "destinatario": "
    "environment": "TEST",
    "assunto": "Erro Pedido"



{  "success" : true}


    "timestamp": 1559243275088,   
    "error": "Error",   
    "code": 500

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