How JSONPath differs in connectors and the Execution panel

Learn more about the difference between the JSONPath expressions used in connectors and in the Execution panel of the Digibee Integration Platform.

JSONPath is a set of expressions that are used to query values in a JSON object. You can use the expressions to navigate through a JSON and retrieve elements, nested elements, and arrays.

On the Digibee Integration Platform, you can use JSONPath on some specific connectors, such as in the JSON Path Transformer, in Double Braces expressions using the JSONPATH() function, or to search for information in the Execution panel.

We currently use two JSONPath libraries:

For example, you can use the following expression for connectors and the JSONPATH() function:


And for the Execution panel, you can use the following expression:


Please read the documentation of each library to understand how to create JSONPath expressions:

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