AI Assistant for Capsules Docs Generation

Learn how to use the feature to streamline the documentation process for capsules.

This feature under our AI Assistant’s set of tools creates documentation for capsules, enabling developers to save time, improving consistency, boosting users’ productivity and efficiency by addressing the challenges of manual documentation.

Capsules are a set of configured connectors that can be reused in pipelines in the Digibee Integration Platform. For more information, read our documentation.

You can use the new AI Assistant for Capsules Docs Generation to:

  • Automate documentation creation: the AI analyzes the Capsule’s functionality and automatically creates detailed documentation, saving users time.

  • Ensure consistency: by standardizing the documentation format, the AI ensures that all capsules are documented consistently, reducing errors and ambiguities.

  • Enhance understanding: the generated documentation includes clear descriptions of the purpose, functionality and use of the capsule, making it easier for developers to understand the pipelines and fix bugs.

  • Reduce repetitive tasks: developers can focus on creating new capsules instead of repeatedly documenting existing ones, increasing overall productivity.

  • Developer control: the suggested documentation can be reviewed, edited, and published by the developer before being shared with other team members.

How to use the AI Assistant for Capsules Docs Generation feature

To start using the AI Assistant for Capsules Docs Generation, follow the steps below:

  1. In a Capsule, click the Generate documentation with AI button.

  2. When going to the canvas to create a pipeline, select your capsule and then click the Docs icon to access the Capsule’s documentation in markdown.

Please note that the documentation will always be generated in English.

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