Release notes 01-23-2024


  • Salesforce (Restricted Beta): we’ve released a new component that allows the user to perform operations on the Salesforce platform. It’s available for specific customers in Restricted Beta. Learn more in the Salesforce documentation.

  • Rate Limit for REST, HTTP, and HTTP File triggers (General Availability): the feature was temporarily suspended but is now available for all users. Learn more about it in the REST Trigger, HTTP Trigger, or HTTP File Trigger documentation.

Default collection and group in Capsules (Beta)

Now, it’s possible to create Capsules in a default collection and group without having to create a separate collection and group to store the Capsule. In addition, this new feature allows users to move Capsules between different collections and groups.

This improvement not only saves time but also simplifies the Capsule creation process.

New permissions for Policies (Beta)

We’ve added two new permissions to the Policies feature: POLICY:UPDATE and POLICY:READ.

With the POLICY:UPDATE permission, it’s possible to edit the policy configuration on the Policies page.

With the POLICY:READ permission, users can view the policy configuration on the Policies page but can’t edit it.

Learn more in the Roles documentation.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Components — REST Trigger: we’ve fixed the bug that caused an incorrect behavior when configuring CORS Headers using the trigger.

  • Components — SSH Remote Command: we’ve fixed the bug that caused an error in the component after a given amount of executions.

  • Build — The creator of the Project can't access it: we’ve fixed the bug where the user who created the project wasn’t added as a member of it, so they couldn't access it after saving.

  • Canvas — Error when executing the pipeline without a component connected to the trigger: we’ve fixed the bug that displayed an error when executing a pipeline that didn't have a component connected to the trigger.

  • Administration — Audit page with two scrollbars: we’ve fixed the bug that displayed two scrollbars on the Audit page.

  • Administration — Audit page with more records per page: we’ve fixed the bug that caused more records to be displayed on the Audit page than specified in the pagination.

  • Settings — Field can’t be edited in Multi-instance mode: we’ve fixed the bug that prevented users from editing the values of the Field in the Multi-instance model. Now it’s possible to remove values and add new values.

  • Settings — Multi-instance model with the name “undefined”: we’ve fixed the bug where the Multi-instance model was saved correctly in the list, but when the user opened the model to configure an instance, the name was displayed as “undefined”.

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