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Script (JavaScript)

Discover more about the Script (JavaScript) component and how to use it on the Digibee Integration Platform.
Script (JavaScript) allows the execution of JavaScript code excerpts (JavaScript is also known as ECMAScript).


Take a look at the configuration options for the component. Parameters supported by Double Braces expressions are marked with (DB).
Default value
Data type
Place to insert the JavaScript code.
var currentDate = moment.tz(new Date(), "America/Sao_Paulo"); output = {currentDate: currentDate.format()};
Script Timeout
Time for the script to expire (in milliseconds).

Messages flow


The Script (JavaScript) component can receive former components parameters from the "body" object. In other words, if the component that comes before Script (JavaScript) has an output that includes an object called "body", it's possible to access it directly in the Script (JavaScript) code.
  • body: object imported to the Script (JavaScript) code scope.
For example, if the input is:
"body": {
"company": "Digibee"
Then it will be possible to use the Code field to do something like this:
var x = body.company;


The code executed in the component can produce an output, as long as it's assigned to the global variable named output.
  • success: "true" if the code execution was successful; otherwise "false".
  • output: custom output of the component.
For example, if you want the Script (JavaScript) component output to be 'Hello world', assign it to the output variable:
output = 'Hello world';
The result after the pipeline execution will be:
"success": true,
"output": "Hello world"
It's also possible to build a JSON object as an output:
output = { "company": "Digibee" }
The result after the pipeline execution will be:
"success": true,
"output": {
"company": "Digibee"
If an error occurs during the script execution, the following output is displayed after the pipeline execution:
"success": false,
"error": "Error message"
For security reasons, it's not possible to execute a function that makes an external call from the Script (JavaScript) component, such as fetch() or XMLHttpRequest(). It's also not possible to import libraries with require.
The following libraries are already available and can be used:
  • Lodash (global variable to use lodash lib: 'lodash')
  • Moment Timezone (global variable to use moment-timezone: 'moment')
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