License Usage

Learn more about your pipelines and consumption on the License Usage page.

On the License Usage page, you can better manage and track your deployed pipelines and consumption. This applies to RTUs in the Subscription based model, licenses in the Pipeline based model, and credits in the Capacity based model.

To access the License Usage page, click Administration in the upper right corner of the Platform home page and open the License Usage submenu.

Consumption information

At the top of the page you will see a dashboard that displays consumption information. This dashboard provides insights and information that allow you to make decisions about resource allocation and optimization.

You can find out more about how the consumption information is displayed in each model below.

Subscription based model

In the consumption information of the Subscription based model, you can use the dropdown menu in the top left corner to select the environment for which you want to display the consumption.

For each environment, you can see the total number of pipelines used and the associated RTUs as well as the total number of pipelines and RTUs acquired.

Pipeline and Capacity based models

In the consumption information of the Pipeline and Capacity based models, you can see the total number of pipelines and the associated licenses or credits used in all environments.

To better understand the number of pipelines and licenses or credits used for each environment, you can check the bar at the bottom of the card. The licenses used in the prod environment are shown in purple, those in other environments in gray.

In the bottom right corner, you can see the total number of pipelines and licenses or credits acquired.

Contact information

On the right corner of the page you will find a contact list with the CSM, the Head, and the Functional analyst responsible for your account.

If you click the email icon, a pop-up window with the email information will open on the screen. Click the copy icon to copy the email address. To close the pop-up window, click Close.

Project information

At the bottom of the page you will find a table with information about the projects in your realm. The information listed in the table is:

  • Project: name of the project.

  • Environment: the environment in which the project is located.

If you have more environments than the standard prod and test environments, these are also classified as test.

  • Pipelines: number of pipelines within the project.

  • RTUs/Licenses/Credits: number of RTUs, licenses or credits used, depending on the licensing model.

  • Actions: by clicking the eye icon, you can view all pipelines connected to the project and information about them. This includes the project name, the environment, the pipeline name, the deployment size, the number of replicas, and the number of licenses used for the deployment.

To display the consumption data of a specific project, use the search field. You can enter a part or the full name of the project, select the result and click Search to retrieve the details.

You can also export the information about all projects to a CSV file by clicking Export.

When you export the file, the data records of all projects are exported, regardless of the search filter.

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