GZIP V1 (Deprecated)

Learn more about the component and how to use it.
GZIP V1 zips an entire JSON object as a string.
Take a look at the configuration parameters of the component:
  • Operation: compress and decompress.
  • JSON Field: JSON path to be zipped.
  • Preserve Original: if activated, the option preserves original fields that have prefix with underline.
  • Binary Content: if activated, the option makes the data to be treated as binary and a base64 is expected.
  • Fail On Error: if the option is enabled, the execution of the pipeline with error will be interrupted; otherwise, the pipeline execution proceeds, but the result will show a false value for the “success” property.

Messages flow


Supports any structure, but only if the element to be compressed is specified.


Preserves the input message, with JSON object compressed in the base64 format.
The steps inside Retry component are executed 3 times until they're successful - "true" should appear in the message:
"start": [
"type": "connector",
"name": "gzip-connector",
"stepName": "test-compress",
"params": {
"operation" : "compress",
"failOnError": false,
"jsonField": "body.test",
"preserveOriginal" : false,
"isBinary" : false
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