The Documentation Portal helps our users understand and better use the Digibee Integration Platform. Users can review walkthroughs and best practices.

About Digibee

Digibee solves the integration challenge so many companies face today. Our platform enables the modern integration architecture to seamlessly connect files, applications, customers and business partners across the cloud and your on-premises systems.

Digibee empowers your teams to create decoupled applications and revenue generating ecosystems with our pre-constructed integration building blocks and reusable integration patterns. Digibee unlocks innovation at the speed of change.

Offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Weston, FL, USA.

Visit: https://www.digibee.com

About Digibee Integration Platform

Digibee Integration Platform connects enterprise apps and internet services 10x faster using its low-code, cloud native and full life-cycle Integration approach. Leveraging a rock solid modern integration architecture, Digibee securely runs and operates your integrations, delivering high performance, flexibility and resilience.

Digibee Integration Platform drastically reduces the complexity of integration environments and enables you to digitally transform your legacy systems 10-times faster.

Access Digibee Integration Platform at: https://www.godigibee.io


This documentation portal is organized into the following sections:

  • Build - The Build step is where the construction of pipelines takes place. Here you'll learn how to use create a pipeline (integration flow) and how to group them as reusable components called Capsules.

  • Run - The Run step is when pipelines are deployed. Learn how you can deploy pipelines efficiently.

  • Monitor - The Monitor step allows users to monitor and understand pipeline’s behavior. Here you will learn how to check their performance metrics, and eventually identify issues within your pipeline that need to be corrected.

  • Administration - Within Administration, you will learn how to manage all governance features, such as audit and access control.

  • Settings - Learn how to handle your realm-level configurations, such as Globals, Accounts, Consumers (API Keys), Relationship model and Multi-instance.

  • General - This section presents general features, documents and programs.

  • Components - Here you can access our reference documentation for Digibee Integration Platform triggers & connectors to build a pipeline.

  • Tutorials and Best Practices - Access our guidelines and advices for developing the best pipelines ever.

  • Platform - Check it out this section to learn more about how Digibee Integration Platform was implemented.

Digibee Academy

Digibee Academy is an initiative by Digibee to enhance the knowledge of professionals in integration contexts that include scenarios of internal IT challenges as well as external challenges with partners in its business ecosystem.

By applying our Simplexity Mindset methodology, we provide students with a different perspective on integrations so they can master the Digibee Integration Platform through training, certifications, and learning paths. This way, they can develop high-performance applications that consistently achieve a higher level of architecture and best practices.

The goal of Digibee Academy is to improve the learning of all users toward self-sufficiency.

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