Release notes 03-21-2023


  • Custom API path for REST, HTTP, and HTTP File trigger: we've improved the triggers with a custom API path option. It allows the removal of the default Digibee route prefix "/pipeline/{realm}/v{n}" to use custom routes in pipelines that use those triggers with active mTLS only. To learn more, visit the REST trigger, HTTP trigger, and HTTP File trigger documentation.

  • JWT: an improvement in the component allows verifying JMS tokens through JWKs and adding custom headers when generating JWT tokens. Learn more in the JWT documentation.

  • Support DB2 for DB V2 and Stream DB V3: we've updated our supported databases to include the JDBC IBM DB2 driver. Your company's driver, licensed by IBM, must be activated to connect across supported database versions. Learn more in the Supported databases documentation.

  • Digibee JWT: an update fixed the component's icon.

  • SFTP and SSH Remote Command: an update to both components allows Double Braces usage to set the "Username" parameter. Learn more in the SFTP and SSH Remote Command documentation.

  • JSON to CSV V2: an improvement in the component allows EOL (End of Line) policy configuration of the files generated by the component. Learn more in the JSON to CSV V2 documentation.


With the new IdP accesses page, access managers can determine if users of the realm they manage can log in with Digibee credentials or must use an identity provider (IdP). This feature is in restricted beta phase and will only be available to customers interested in adopting it. To learn more about this feature, read our IdP accesses documentation.


We've updated the license table, and it now includes a visualization of the RTUs and pipelines used per project, which makes tracking easier. It's possible to filter by environments and projects and export the content as CSV.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Pipeline history: we've fixed the bug that caused the current pipeline version to always open in the old Canvas, even if the flow was created in the new Canvas.

  • Build menu: we’ve fixed the bug that allowed users to click multiple times on the CREATE MAJOR VERSION button without displaying a warning that a new version was already created.

  • Search for fields in the new Canvas (Beta): we’ve fixed the bug where fields with Double Braces functions weren’t exhibited.

  • Validation alerts in the new Canvas (Beta): we've fixed the bug that displayed a warning in the Session Management component when a variable was declared (PUT) within an OnProcess flow but used (GET) within the OnException.

New Canvas (Beta)

  • We've fixed the bug that organized disconnected components randomly.

  • We've fixed the bug where the image of the Cassandra DB component wasn't displayed in the pipeline preview in the Build menu when the flow was built in the new Canvas.

  • We've fixed the bug that prevented the components' palette from collapsing if the toolbar had been resized.

  • We've fixed the bug where a pipeline with the Cassandra DB component couldn't be opened using the USE NEW CANVAS button.

  • We've fixed the bug where a Cassandra DB component couldn't be copied and pasted from the old Canvas to the new Canvas.

  • We've fixed the bug that displayed only integer numbers on the pipeline version tag and ignored the minor version indicator.

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