How to set up Digibee API metrics with Datadog

Learn how to integrate API metrics.

The API Metrics with Datadog feature is currently in beta phase. Learn more about the Beta Program.

Datadog is a monitoring platform that provides extensive visibility into the performance and health of various aspects of a company’s IT infrastructure, applications, and services.

It has built-in integrations with several other resources such as cloud services, programming languages, etc. For an overview of all available integrations, see Datadog Integrations.


  • Datadog Agent Version >= 6.6.0.

  • Feature enabled for your realm.

  • Username and Password generated by the user on the API Management page.

  • API Key to be generated after setting up API credentials mentioned above.

  • Connection between your Datadog Platform and Digibee Integration Platform cluster.

Example of usage


Create or edit the openmetrics.d/conf.yaml file in the root of your Agent’s configuration directory, with the configuration as displayed below:

## Digibee + Datadog Configuration
  # Add instances as much as you have/need
  - openmetrics_endpoint: <DIGIBEE_SERVICES_API_URL>/metrics/openmetrics_raw?environment=<ENVIRONMENT>
    namespace: "<REALM>-<ENVIRONMENT>"
      - *
    auth_type: basic


Visualizing your data in Datadog

When the Agent is set up to collect metrics, you can use them to create comprehensive Datadog alerts, charts, and dashboards.


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