Pipeline execution logs download

Learn how to download logs from a pipeline execution.

Important information:

  • To access Pipeline Execution Logs Download and use all the features in this article, you need to have permission EXPORT:READ. Learn more in the Roles documentation.

  • The default Support, Developers, and Governance Manager groups already have permissions, but if you prefer, you can add the system role to your access group.

You can download logs of a given pipeline execution related to a specific pipeline execution key in CSV format via the page Completed Executions in Monitor.

A pipeline execution key is a unique identifier for each execution of a pipeline.

To use the feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Completed Executions page.

  2. On the box icon, under the Action column, click Download Execution Logs.

  3. On the confirmation dialog (pop-up), click Download pipeline execution key logs, then Download and obtain a CSV file up to 5MB.

The CSV file contains the following information:

  • timestamp

  • realm

  • pipelineKey

  • pipelineName

  • logLevel

  • logMessage

It’s now also possible to customize the separator by characters of the user’s choice, limited to one character at a time, being the default character a “;” (semicolon). Note that you must select the same exported character separator when opening the file in the CSV reader for it to work correctly.

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