API Keys (Consumers)

Learn how to configure API keys
API Keys are access credentials provided for queries in pipelines using REST, HTTP, and HTTP File triggers. The use of API Keys is required as a minimum security guarantee.
Note: In addition to using API Keys, we recommend using JWT (JSON Web Token) to increase security.

How to configure an API Key on Digibee Integration Platform

  1. 1.
    Access the Settings menu.
2. In the settings menu, click API Keys (Consumers).
3. Select the environment (test or prod) and click Create.
4. Define a name and a description for the API key, and then click
to associate pipelines.
5. Select the project and pipelines that will use this authentication. Confirm the configuration.
The new API key will be generated and displayed at the end of the key list:
By clicking Edit (
), you can:
  • View, copy and remove an API key value;
  • Add a new API key;
  • Set the API key for new pipelines;
  • Edit the list of pipelines that will use the API key.
Recommendation: Create a different API key for each consuming system of your API to restrict access only to the desired pipelines.

How to use an API key in requests to the exposed pipeline

1. In the header, set the value of the key for the "apikey" parameter. Also, specify the Content-Type expected by the pipeline (example: application/json):
2. If it is not possible to change the request header on the legacy system, you can include the API key as a request parameter in the URL. However, this is not a safe option for exposed services. In this case, make sure that only authorized services can request the API exposed by Digibee (consumers control).