Relese Notes 07/04/2024


  • SQS (AWS): the Connection String parameter now supports the use of Double Braces. In addition, the Name of the Queue parameter has been removed, as the information it contains is already included in the Connection String parameter. Learn more in the documentation.

Search for pipelines in the Smart Connector User Experience (General Availability)

The latest update to the Smart Connector User Experience allows you to search for deployed pipelines with the REST Trigger, regardless of their environment. Once the pipeline is selected, a Pipeline Executor connector with preconfigured Pipeline Name and Version Major parameters is added to the flow.

Learn more in the Smart Connector User Experience documentation.

We also implemented improvements and fixed some bugs:


  • Run - Engine version to v2: we've changed the selector for the engine version in the deployment sidesheet so that you can choose between engine v2 (latest version) and engine v1 (deprecated). Since Engine v2 is GA, all pipelines use it by default, but there are some customers who continue to use Engine v1 in some use cases (e.g. custom drivers).

  • Monitor - Zoom and crosshair: we improved your interactivity within charts on Pipeline Metrics tab. Now you can zoom in a period or select and drag the line to get focused info about your pipeline. This is an upgrade available to selected realms.


  • Administration - Incorrect pagination when creating, editing, archiving, or deleting a Group or a Role: we've fixed a bug that incorrectly reset the pagination to page 1 when creating/editing/archiving a Group or creating/editing/deleting a Role, regardless of the page where the action was performed. Now, the Group or Role will be correctly displayed on the page where the user performs the action.

  • Canvas - Error message in the Execution panel when the user doesn’t have permission to execute: we’ve fixed a bug that displayed an error message when a user without permission executed the Execution panel. Now the Execution panel is not visible for users who don’t have this permission.

  • Canvas - Messages are displayed in the wrong order in the Execution panel: we’ve fixed the bug that caused the messages to be displayed in the wrong order in the Execution panel. Now the messages are sorted by timestamp.

Relese Notes 07/23/2024

Support access management in the realms (General Availability)

It is now possible to manage the Digibee Support Team's access to your realm. You can set a period between 1 and 31 days in which the team has access to your realm and can help you with troubleshooting. Learn more in our documentation.

Existing routes edition in ZTNA connections (General Availability)

With this new update, you can edit the routes of your ZTNA connections to manage your network connections with more autonomy.

Read our documentation to learn more.

In-app Guidance Experience for user onboarding (General Availability)

The In-app Guidance Experience helps users seamlessly learn the Digibee Integration Platform with video tours, just-in-time guides, contextual guidance, hands-on projects, hints, and more. It also includes checklists on core pages (Build, Canvas, Run, Monitor, and Settings) to guide users through key processes and habits, such as “Build your first pipeline” and “Deployment Guide”.

By providing real-time learning opportunities, it aims to accelerate the learning curve and startup time, enabling users to quickly leverage the Platform’s full capabilities. This feature is now in GA (General Availability) for all realms.

New AWS Role account type (General Availability)

The AWS Role account type is a new feature that will allow us to implement the Assume Role feature for AWS connectors in the future. In this account, you can configure a role that can be assumed by a user previously set up in an AWS V4 account. In this way, the user can receive temporary permissions for AWS services.

This helps improve security and provides users with a new authentication method for AWS services that complies with AWS recommended best practices.

Learn more in the Accounts documentation.

Deployment Plan sunset

Last year, we introduced the Deployment Plan as a new way to optimize pipeline deployment. While valuable, we noticed that this feature has received low usage and feedback. As a result, we have made the decision to discontinue the Deployment Plan as of August 5th, 2024.

We also made some improvements and fixed some bugs:


  • We have added the environment field to the audit logs: now it is possible to identify which environment the log belongs to.

  • We have enhanced the visual resources of Pipeline Metrics: now you have a deeper interaction in every page chart.

  • We have added two new metrics on Pipeline Metrics API: now it’s possible to monitor the pipeline response time and queue time.


  • Wrong timezone for Mexico in Engine v2 of the US Cluster: we’ve fixed the bug in the US Cluster that showed the wrong time zone for Mexico when using Trigger Scheduler.

  • Error when using the SFTP Moving File connector: we’ve fixed the bug that caused the connector to return a false "success":true when moving files, even though the logs indicated that the file was not moved.

  • Selection fields of the Salesforce connector: we’ve fixed the bug that caused the selection fields of the Salesforce connector to open small and affect navigation.

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