AWS CloudWatch (Beta)

Discover more about the AWS CloudWatch connector and how to use it on the Digibee Integration Platform.

Important information:

AWS CloudWatch allows you to send custom metrics data from the pipeline to the Amazon CloudWatch service. This allows for greater flexibility in monitoring the health of pipelines beyond the predefined metrics provided by the Digibee Integration Platform.

Further information can be found in the CloudWatch API documentation.


Take a look at the configuration parameters of the connector. Parameters supported by Double Braces expressions are marked with (DB).

General tab

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueData type

CloudWatch Client Account

The account used to connect the pipeline to the CloudWatch PutMetricData API.



AWS Region

The AWS Region in which the target table is available.

This parameter is optional if the AWS-V4 account type is used, as it can be inferred from the account.



Namespace (DB)

The namespace for the metric data. You can use ASCII characters for the namespace, except for control characters, which aren’t supported.

To avoid conflicts with AWS service namespaces, you shouldn’t specify a namespace that begins with “AWS/”.



Metric Name (DB)

The name of the metric.



Metric Timestamp (DB)

The time at which the metric data was received, expressed as the number of milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC.

{{ NOW() }}


Metric Unit

Determines which unit you want to use when storing the metric.

Allowed values: Seconds | Microseconds | Milliseconds | Bytes | Kilobytes | Megabytes | Gigabytes | Terabytes | Bits | Kilobits | Megabits | Gigabits | Terabits | Percent | Count | Bytes/Second | Kilobytes/Second | Megabytes/Second | Gigabytes/Second | Terabytes/Second | Bits/Second | Kilobits/Second | Megabits/Second | Gigabits/Second | Terabits/Second | Count/Second | None



Metric Value (DB)

The value for the metric.

Although the parameter accepts numbers of type double, CloudWatch rejects values that are either too small or too large. The values must be in the range from -2^360 to 2^360.



Metric Dimensions (DB)

A dimension is a key/value pair that is part of the identity of a metric. Since dimensions are part of the unique identifier of a metric, whenever you add a unique key/value pair to one of your metrics, you create a new variant of that metric.

This parameter supports Double Braces for the Key and Value fields.


Key/value pairs

Fail On Error

If the option is activated, the pipeline's execution with an error will be interrupted. Otherwise, the pipeline execution proceeds, but the result will show a false value for the "success" property.



Documentation tab

ParameterDescriptionDefault valueData type


Section for documenting any necessary information about the connector configuration and business rules.



Usage examples

Given the flexibility of the service, the possibilities for custom metrics with Amazon CloudWatch are extensive. Some examples that might be interesting in the context of pipelines are:

  • Health metrics for pipelines:

    • Execution time

    • Requests count

    • Size of uploaded files

    • Execution time for specific pipeline sections (bottlenecks)

  • Custom business metrics:

    • User-initiated requests versus machine-initiated requests

    • Success rate of API calls

    • Size of orders received

    • Lead conversion rate

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