How to test a group integration

Learn how to test a group integration.

Follow these steps to test a group integration:

  1. Go to the Administration page.

  2. Click on Groups.

  3. Click on the Group Integrations tab.

  4. Search the table for the group integration you want to test, or use the search bar.

  5. Click on the Test integration icon.

  6. Enter an email from a user who belongs to the IdP group you want to test.

  7. Click on Test.

A URL will be displayed on your screen.

  1. Open a new anonymous window.

  2. On the anonymous window, paste the URL to be redirected to your realm’s login page.

  3. Using the anonymous window, log in to the Digibee Integration Platform with your IdP, using the email you entered in step 6.

The test status column will change according to the results of this test. You can learn more about group integrations and test statuses by reading the article Integration of IdP groups with Digibee groups.

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