How to enable group integrations

Learn how to enable group integrations.

To enable group integrations:

  1. Go to the Administration page.

  2. Click on Groups.

  3. Click on the Group Integrations tab.

A banner is displayed warning you that all users originated from the identity provider (IdP) must be included in a group integration to be able to access the Digibee Integration Platform. If you’re sure your group integrations include all users you want to be able to access the platform:

  1. Click on Enable integrations.

  2. Select the group integrations you want to enable.

  3. Click on Continue.

If the selected group integrations do not have a test status equal to success, a warning message will appear. Learn more about test status in the article Integration of IdP groups with Digibee groups.

Although you can enable group integrations without testing them first, we recommend that you always test group integrations before you enable them.


  1. Fill in the confirmation message displayed.

  2. Click on Enable.

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