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Build Overview

Get an overview of the tools available on the Build page.
On the Build page, you can create and manage pipelines and projects. On this page, you can see the Create button on the top right corner, the Projects list on the left corner, and the pipelines list on the bottom.

Build layout

When you select Build, the page layout appears as shown in the figure below. In the upper left corner are Pipeline and Capsules. When you select Pipeline, the created projects and pipelines are displayed.
In the middle of the screen, you will find all the pipelines created. By clicking on Capsules, the created Capsules will be displayed as well. In the right corner you will find the button CREATE.
In the following sections you will learn more about each tool.

CREATE button

You can click on the CREATE button on the top right corner of the screen to create a new pipeline or project. You can also find the CREATE button in the Run screen.

Create a pipeline

To create a pipeline, select Pipeline. To learn more about the Canvas, read this article.

Create a project

To create a new project, select Project. Projects are folders where you can store your pipelines. A side sheet will appear where you can enter the project name and description and assign the project to specific users.
IMPORTANT: If you check Select all users, all users in your realm will be able to access the new project and thus the pipelines in it.
If you want only certain groups to have access to your project, click Assign groups and select the groups to which you want to grant access to your project.
After you have selected and filled in the fields, click Save and your project will be created.


In the left corner of the Build screen, you will see a list of projects you have access to, and within each project you will find the pipelines that have been created. To learn more about projects and how they work, read this article about Projects.

Pipeline list

When you click on a project, the pipelines in that project are displayed in alphabetical order. You will see the name and version of each pipeline, as well as buttons to create a new pipeline version and to view its build history.


Closer to the Pipeline on the left side, we have Capsules. It's as if the components available in the platform are atoms and the capsules are molecules that group the atoms into more complex tasks to solve a particular problem.
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