Using deployment history advanced functions

Restore or visualize any deployment version.


The advanced functions of Deployment history give you the tools to perform actions on previously deployed pipelines. There are two options available for this feature:

  • Restore version

  • View pipeline

Access the pipeline deployment History on the Run page. You can view all deployments of a specific pipeline or select any deployment version to restore by opening the Advanced Functions submenu.

How to restore to any version

Follow these steps to restore a pipeline to any deployed version:

  1. On the Run page, go to the History tab.

  2. Select a pipeline and click on Arrow button to access the side panel.

  3. Choose an available version listed below the Deployment history option.

  4. Click the three dots on the right side of the card to open the Advanced functions menu.

  5. Select Restore version.

This feature requires Digibee Integration Platform licenses available.

  1. Next, a pop-up window opens with information about the number of licenses available and licenses required to perform the task. If no licenses are available, the action cannot be completed.

  2. Click the Restore button to confirm your selection. Otherwise, click Cancel.

In case of bugs, the operation will not be completed. The page will display an error message.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how to access the Restore version feature:

How to view a pipeline

Follow these steps to view a deployed pipeline:

  1. Repeat steps (1-4) to access the Advanced functions menu.

  2. Select the option Show pipeline to view the deployed version on Canvas.

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