SOAP V1 (Deprecated)

Know the component and how to use it.

The SOAP V1 is deprecated and no longer updated. Please refer to the document with the most recent version of the feature: SOAP V2 or SOAP V3.

SOAP V1 invokes SOAP endpoints from a pipeline. It uses a Apache FreeMarker template to generate the SOAP request message and converts the response from SOAP to JSON, trying its best not to disrupt the translation.


Take a look at the configuration options for the component. Parameters supported by Double Braces expressions are marked with (DB).

Messages flow


The component waits for a message in the following format:

	header: {
	body: {
		// message structure that will be replaced by the Dust template


  • successful

    status: XXX,
    body: {},
    headers: {}
  • with error

    error: "error message",
    code: XXX,
    body: {},
    headers: {}

For some errors, body and headers are unavailable.

SOAP V1 in Action

About the template variable

The name of the variable can also have minus (-), dot (.) and colon (:) at any position, but they must be escaped with a preceding backslash (\). Otherwise, they can be interpreted as operators.

About numbers substitution

<#assign x=42>
  ${x?string}  <#-- the same as ${x} -->



Number format

<#setting number_format="0.####">

To check if the field isn't null:

<#if varTest??>${varTest}</#if>

SoapUI calls reprocedures in SOAP V1

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