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Public capsules

Learn more about how public capsules work and how to use them.
Public capsules are reusable components or integration sets that are made available to any customer or user of the platform. They are typically created, tested, and validated by the Digibee Integration Platform and cannot be edited to ensure quality and security.
Public capsules that have been created and validated by the Digibee Integration Platform are marked with a certificate icon, as shown in the following figure:
Capsule certificated by Digibee in the platform.
All collections and all versions of each public capsule are available on the Capsules tab on the right side of the pipeline.
To use a public capsule, drag the desired capsule onto the canvas.
The canvas of the pipeline where you can access the palette of capsules and use published capsules.
See the public capsule collections currently offered by the Digibee Integration Platform:
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