Public Capsules

Discover what Public Capsules are and check the documentation for each one
Capsules are reusable components of pre-built, tested, and validated integration sets that allow Digibee Integration Platform users to create and apply usage to their pipeline. The use of Capsules accelerates pipeline development, and facilitates access to systems and services, among other flows.
Public Capsules, on the other hand, are Capsules created, maintained and validated by Digibee to be used by multiple clients at the same time. It is not possible to modify them to ensure quality and safety.
Public Capsules created by Digibee are certified by the Certificated icon (
Digibee currently offers the following Public Capsule collections:
Note: Each collection contains its own Capsule group.

Digibee Capsule Versioning

All collections and all Major and Minor versions of each Public Capsule are available on the right side of Canvas, in the Capsules tab. Learn how Capsule versioning and maintenance work here. For more information, read the Capsules FAQ here.
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