Public capsules

Learn more about how public capsules work and how to use them on the Digibee Integration Platform.

Public capsules are created in a public collection and can be used in all realms within the same SaaS region, unlike private capsules which are only available in the realm they were created. For example, if a public collection is created in the BR SaaS region, the capsules of the collection won't be available in the US SaaS region, and vice versa.

The creation of new public collections is currently not available for all customers.

Public capsules are usually created and validated by Digibee and marked with a certificate icon, as shown in the image below:

Capsules that don’t have the certificate icon are not validated by Digibee. Therefore, Digibee doesn’t provide support for problems that may occur when using non-validated capsules.

All versions of the public capsules are available in the Smart Connector User Experience or on the Capsules tab in the palette on the right side of the pipeline.

See the public capsule collections currently offered by the Digibee Integration Platform:

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