How to create a group integration

Learn how to create a group integration.

To create a group integration:

  1. Go to the Administration page.

  2. Click on Groups.

  3. Click on the Group Integrations tab.

  4. Click on Create.

A modal is displayed with a form where you have to enter information about the group integration:

  • Name: the desired name for the group integration.

  • SAML Scheme: the rules and format specifications in XML that govern the structure and transmission of SAML messages between IdPs and Digibee. Options are:

    • Microsoft Azure - ADFS

    • Microsoft 2019 - ADFS Classic

    • Custom scheme

  • Xpath: the XML path to the IdP group IDs. Displayed only when a custom SAML Scheme is selected.

  • IdP group ID code: unique code identifying the IdP group to be integrated with the Digibee group.

  • Digibee group: the digibee group to be integrated with the IdP group.

  1. Enter the information in the form.

  2. Click on Save.

If you want to create multiple group integrations at once, you can do so by clicking on Integration before saving.

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