October 2022 updates on any recent changes, feature enhancements, or bug fixes for the Digibee iPaaS.

Release notes 10-25-2022


We’ve released a new version of our Canvas, the pipeline-building environment in the Digibee Integration Platform. The new Canvas brings significant improvements related to pipeline building and navigation, in addition to the following resources and features:

  • Validation alerts during pipeline building to help you identify and fix common issues faster. To learn more about alert types, read the article Pipeline building validation;

  • Magnetic arrow that allows easier connection between components;

  • Improved accuracy when inserting a component or flow into an area of the new Canvas;

  • Minimap to facilitate and speed up navigation and reading while building a pipeline;

  • Auto pan to make navigation easier when dragging components in large pipelines.

To learn more, read the articles New Canvas and Pipeline navigation.

IMPORTANT: the new Canvas is currently only available in the restricted beta phase, that is, only to customers who want to use it in their realms. If you’re interested, please contact your customer success manager.



We’ve improved the authentication on the Digibee Integration Platform. Now, the user is notified when they make a suspicious login attempt.



Through the Identity Provider Integration with Digibee Integration Platform, our customers can now provide their users with a single login to access multiple realms through the same configuration.

IMPORTANT: this feature is only available for existing realms that are in the same region, cluster, and installation. \


The group integration simulation feature is now available.This feature is in Beta phase and is available for realms that already have the group integration feature.


In order to improve our documentation, we’ve created the articles below:

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

Completed executions:

  • We’ve fixed the bug in which the search button on the Completed executions page disappeared when the browser screen size was reduced;

  • We’ve fixed the bug where after changing the environment, the placeholder* values overlapped with the input values, and the time filter was automatically set to its default value of five minutes.

*a placeholder is a word or phrase temporarily displayed in a field to help the user insert the correct information there.

Release notes 10-11-2022


Now, on the Users page, access managers can see the "locked login" status for users whose login attempts have been classified as suspicious.

It’s also possible to see a locked login alert on the “User details” tab for both access managers who have permission to edit a user and users who have read-only permission.


  • Completed executions: search parameters are no longer cleared when you change the environment on the Completed executions page. Also, clicking the CLEAR button now makes a new search without considering the previously entered parameters.


In order to improve our documentation, we’ve created the articles below:

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Moving pipelines: we’ve fixed the bug where a success message was displayed when moving pipelines, even when errors occurred. Now, if at least one of the pipelines has an error when moved, a failure message will be displayed and no pipelines will be moved. If all pipelines are moved correctly, a success message will be displayed.

  • Login page: for realms with active integrated authentication, the “Login with Identity Provider” link is now displayed.

  • Completed executions and Pipeline logs: we’ve fixed the bug where the URLs on these pages didn’t have information about the search parameters used.

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