How to regenerate keys on ZTNA Connections (Edge Router)

Learn how to regenerate keys for connections with the Edge Router.

The main goal of this documentation is to teach you how to generate a new key to reconfigure your local connection with the Edge Router, if necessary.

Each generated key has a 48-hour validity period before it expires. After this interval, you must generate a new key. You can generate a new key even if the keys have not yet expired.

How to register the key

Digibee provides the registration key for each of the Edge Routers to be created. You must perform the key registration by following the steps that meet the specifications for each specific cloud environment that you use:

To know more about key registration and other ZTNA configurations, read our ZTNA documentation.

How to generate a new key

  1. On the Platform home page, click on Connectivity in the upper right corner.

  1. The ZTNA Connections feature opens in the Edge Router tab.

  1. In the Registered column, you can see that the possible statuses for the key are:

  • Yes: the key is registered and functioning.

  • Pending: your key still hasn’t been registered. Once the key has been generated, you have up to 48 hours to register it. Otherwise, it will expire.

  • Expired: the generated key has expired. You must generate a new key.

  1. Click on the Key Icon at the right side of the page to generate a new key.

  1. A new window will appear. Click Register a new key if you want to generate a new key or Close to go back to the previous screen.

  1. If you click on Register a new key, you are going to visualize the registration key code to be copied and the alert about expiration time. Click on the icon to copy the key and close the new window.

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