How to use Digibee Customer Support’s Artificial Intelligence intelligence

Learn how to effectively use Digibee Customer Support's Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature.

AI increases the speed and efficiency with which your questions are answered. Follow these steps to quickly get answers to your questions using our AI. We will cover relevant aspects for the effective resolution of your queries.

How to access Digibee's Support Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Access the realm.

  2. Click on the question mark "?" in the top right corner.

  3. Then click on the "Chat" option.

You can then submit your question or problem, and it will be automatically answered by the AI trained in the Digibee documentation.

Tips to make the AI response even more efficient:

  1. Provide detailed information about your question or problem.

  2. If possible, give examples.

  3. Follow the instructions provided.

  4. If you get a satisfactory answer, click "That helped".

  5. If the answer is not satisfactory, click "Talk to a person" and you will automatically be forwarded to a developer of the support team.

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