AI Assistant for flow creation (restricted beta)

Learn more about Digibee’s AI Assistant for flow creation, which suggests components for the next step of your pipeline.

The AI Assistant for flow creation is currently in restricted beta phase and is only available to specific customers. Learn more about the Beta Program.

The AI Assistant for flow creation gives you suggestions for the next component that could be added to your integration. This feature helps you create your flows faster as you no longer have to think about the next component or search through all the components in the palette.

The assistant makes up to 10 suggestions for the next component. You can analyze them and decide whether and which one suits your flow better.

This feature can make your work more efficient because:

  • You don’t need to be familiar with all available components.

  • You get insights into the best practices in flow construction.

  • You can easily find the next component for your flow.

  • You have less cognitive load.

  • You get support when creating your flows.

Below you will find out how you can see the suggestions and apply them to your flow.

How to use AI suggestions

To use the AI suggestions, move the mouse pointer over the component and click on AI suggestions, a button represented by an icon with sparkles. The suggested components are listed and you can click on the one that works in your flow. You can only select one component at a time.

To close the assistant, click again on AI suggestions.

There must be at least 3 components in the flow for the AI to suggest the next component.

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