Integration Developer Bootcamp

The Integration Developer Bootcamp is a training program for developers and architects who want to learn and master the creation of integrations using Digibee Integration Platform.

The Integration Developer Bootcamp Instructor-led is an intensive training program (5 business days, 20 hours) for developers who want to learn and master creating integrations with the Digibee Integration Platform.

During the program, developers will be able to create integrations with the Platform following best development practices and adopting design and architecture patterns in order to deliver high-performance integrations, resistant to errors and easy to maintain.

The program presents content divided into themes, being each of them:

  • A presentation of the content;

  • A guided hands-on exercise.

The assessment method consists of:

  • Certificate of Attendance: issued after the guided lessons of the Integration Developer Bootcamp course;

  • Technical Certification Digibee: an optional challenge consisting of building an integration according to a technical specification to test your knowledge and skills on the Digibee Integration Platform. You can retake it as many times as necessary. The certificate is valid for 2 years and is free of charge for Digibee customers.

Study Program

The Bootcamp has a duration of 20 hours, consisting of theoretical and practical sessions, and requires 80% of attendance in order for the participant to get the certificate.

The minimum requirement for obtaining the optional Technical Certification approval is 70%.

Participant Profile

Customers / Partners / Digibees who deal with integrations on a daily basis and would like to deepen their experience in developing integrations with Digibee.

Basic knowledge requirements

To maximize the benefits of our courses, prior familiarity of the topics below is recommended:

  • Event-driven architecture

  • Sequence Diagrams

  • Client-server architecture

  • JSON

  • XML

  • SQL

  • NoSQL

Maximum number of participants

In order to provide the best learning experience, we limit the number of participants to 18 people. In case you can't enroll in the Bootcamp cohort in the next session, we have Bootcamp sessions every month.

How to register?

Access Digibee Academy and select the Integration Developer Bootcamp from the courses list. Then, complete the enrollment process by filling in the necessary form in which you can select the month's cohort available.

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