How to add new ZTNA connections

Learn how to create new ZTNA connections on the Digibee Integration Platform.

You can create new ZTNA connections on the Connectivity module of the Digibee Integration Platform and allow ZTNA users to have more autonomy on the Platform.

This functionality is only available for realms that already have edge routers/connections configured.

How to add a new connection

  1. Click on Connectivity in the upper right corner on the Platform home page.

  2. The ZTNA Connections feature opens in the Edge Router tab.

  1. Click on Create a New Connection button. A new modal will open on the screen.

  1. The tab for a new connection contains the following input fields:

  • Connection name: Choose a name for your new connection.

  • Environment: You could choose between Test, Prod or Test & Prod.

  1. Click in Create to continue or Cancel to return to the previous screen.

  2. A new tab opens on the screen with a key for your new connection. Copy the key and register it in your Edge Router. You have 48 hours before the key expires.

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