API Management

Learn how to configure an API Key on the Digibee Integration Platform.

Important information:

  • The API Management feature is currently in beta phase. Learn more about the Beta Program.

  • The only API currently available is Metrics.

You can use an API Key to authenticate your access to the Digibee Integration Platform API metrics.

Follow these steps to generate an API Key to access API metrics:

  1. On the API Management page go to Credentials.

  2. Click +Create on the API Credentials page.

  3. Enter Username, Password and click Save credentials.

  4. An API Key will be generated and will be grayed out by default.

  5. Click Close.

Please copy and save your API Key securely by clicking the copy icon. If you lose it, a new API Key must be created.

  1. API metrics will be selected by default.

To learn how to use the API on Datadog or Prometheus, please refer to our documentation about Pipeline Metrics API.

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