Pipeline navigation

Discover the navigation features provided on the Digibee iPaaS and how they allow users to create integration flows with ease and speed.

Canvas includes features that make integration flows easier and faster to create.

Canvas control buttons

Use the Mini-map, Rearrange, Zoom In, and Zoom Out buttons in the lower right corner of the Canvas to navigate through the pipeline. The Mini-map button lets you open and close the Canvas' mini-map. The Rearrange button lets you rearrange the components so that each step of the flow is easier to see. The last two buttons are used to control the Canvas zoom.

When rearranging, the loose components, (those not connected to the flow) are arranged one below the other ones on the left side of the screen; the components that are connected to the flow are aligned horizontally.

Auto pan

When you hold and drag a component, the Canvas follows the cursor, making it easier to navigate through large pipelines. This way, you can drag a component to any area of the Canvas, and the Canvas will follow it.

Flow tree

This feature is a tree-like structure that displays the components of a pipeline in a simpler and more centralized way. With the flow tree, you can view all components of the main pipeline and subpipelines, connected or not, in one place.

The Flow tree speeds navigation and understanding of the logic applied in the integration flow by allowing you to visualize the entire pipeline without having to enter and exit each subpipeline. This allows you to see what's in a subflow while looking at the main pipeline or vice versa, making it easier to troubleshoot when building the pipeline.

Search field

Use the Search field on the left side of the Canvas to search for components, Accounts, Globals and any other fields defined in the configuration forms of the components used in the pipeline.

In the search bar, type the name or part of the name of a component, Account, Global, or other value defined in the form fields of a component. The results are listed below and are divided into the following sections:

  • Accounts

  • Globals

  • Components

  • Other fields

When you click on the result or on the Focus button, the component is focused on the pipeline. You can also edit the component's information by clicking the Configurations button represented by the gear icon.

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