How to obtain digibeectl configuration file

Know how to obtain and download your digibeectl config file.
digibeectl requires a configuration file that is encrypted and generates an authentication token. This token is exclusive and mandatory to enable your access to digibeectl resources. Follow the next steps to obtain your own file:
In Admin>digibeectl
1. Click on ´Create´
2. Give your token a title
3. Add a list of permissions this token will get. If you want to know more about permissions click here.
4. Set an expiration period for your token. The period ranges from 1 hour to 1 year.
5. Save your permissions list and expiration period. 6. Copy the Encryption key using the copy button and save its content somewhere safe. Then, create an encryption passphrase. ATTENTION: Make sure your passphrase and encryption key are saved somewhere else and secure as they can’t be restored.
7. Save and download your file.
8. After installing digibeectl, use the following command with the configuration data you have just set:
digibeectl set config --file "path/file.json" --secret-key "encryption-key" --auth-key "encryption-passphrase"
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