Licensing usage

Know more about your Pipeline Subscription and RTU consumption visualization page.
You can easily track the usage of the Pipeline Subscriptions and RTUs available in your Realm as well the characteristics of such consumption in great detail on the "Licensing usage" page.
Go to Settings on the upper right corner, then access "Licensing usage" under Subscription on the left side panel to visualize the consumption in your Realm. In order to have access to this page, you need to have the license-viewer permission granted to your user account or a group you belong to.
Full view of the page

Consumption dashboard

Dashboard of consumption for a given environment (in this case, Test)
In this section you can select the environment you want to see the consumption of on the dropdown menu on the left upper side. Once selected, the Pipeline Subscriptions and the RTUs associated with them will be shown. If you hover your mouse over each bar, you will see how many Pipeline Subscriptions or RTUs are being consumed in the environment.

Consumption listing

Project search box for more detailed consumption listing
You can search which project you want to visualize the consumption of. Click on the dropdown box to select which and click on the "search" button to get the details.
View of the listing table upon searching
As a result, you will get a detailed list of that given consumption: project, environment, pipeline, trigger, deployment size, RTUs, and replicas. If you hover your mouse over an item, a complete description of the project will be given.
You may also export the consumption list to an CSV file by clicking on "Export".

Contact list

On the upper right side, you will find a contact list where you can reach out to the relevant people responsible for your account. Click on the email icon to email the person directly.