Capacity-based model

Learn more about Digibee’s Dedicated SaaS licensing model.

The Capacity-based model is a new Dedicated SaaS licensing model offered by Digibee to customers who want to work with their own Cloud. Get an overview of what this licensing offers and how it works in the Digibee Integration Platform.


In the Capacity-based model, 150 Credits are offered per customer. With one (1) Credit, you can deploy a pipeline in a test or production environment, but not both at the same time.

You can build as many pipelines as you like and the credits are only consumed when you deploy a pipeline.


The Capacity-based model is the only licensing model that allows you to create your own environments as well as use Digibee's standard test and prod environments. There is no limit to the number of environments that can be created using the Capacity-based model.

Hosted Platform

Unlike other licensing models where Digibee provides the Cloud infrastructure through Google Cloud, in this licensing model the customer is responsible for its own Cloud infrastructure. They use and provide their own Cloud structure, creating a dedicated SaaS structure.

The Digibee Integration Platform offers support for many different Cloud providers.

Private Platform

In dedicated SaaS, only the company and Digibee have access to the platform, that is, it is not a shared platform, but a private platform for the customer to develop and deploy its pipelines.

It is important to mention that all components and features of the Digibee Integration Platform are available.

Infrastructure and business needs

In the Capacity-based model, you have Credits that can be used for deployment, that is, one (1) Credit can be used in one (1) Small slot, for example.

Looking at the deployment sizes available on the Digibee Integration Platform, the pipeline consumes one (1) Credit when deploying a Small size, two (2) Credits when deploying a Medium size, and four (4) Credits when deploying a Large size.

SizeCredit consumption







In this model, there is no limit to the number of pipelines that can be deployed. The deployment limits are set only by Credits.

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