Product Roadmap, Q4/22

Check out the upcoming features of the Digibee Integration Platform.
This article highlights Digibee's upcoming roadmap for features scheduled for release in Q4, 2022.
Note: This page contains information about upcoming features. Please note that the information presented here is for informational purposes only. Any items mentioned on this page are subject to change or delay, and feature development, release, and timing are at the sole discretion of Digibee.


The Build team is responsible for accelerating developer's time to value by creating the best pipeline build experience.
We highlight the following upcoming features for Q4/22:

New Canvas

Our pipeline building environment in the Digibee Integration Platform deployed a new version and our goal for Q4 is to enable it to all clients. It displays significant improvements related to pipeline building and navigation:
  • Validation alerts will be now displayed during pipeline building to help our customers identify and fix common issues faster;
  • A Minimap will be shown to facilitate and speed up navigation and reading while building a pipeline;
  • The auto pan will make navigation easier when dragging components in large pipelines.
Our goal for Q4 is to enable it to all clients.

Pipeline Outline

The Pipeline Outline is a feature that clearly displays the main flow, subflows, and their components in an organized way, in a tree structure on the left side of Canvas.
This feature is being designed to facilitate visualization and navigation in a pipeline. It will help the user identify and troubleshoot the flow, and provides a broader view of the overall built-in integration logic.

Canvas search field

The Canvas search field is a feature that is in the discovery phase. It will allow developers to more quickly search for pipeline elements, such as triggers and components and, in the future, globals and accounts, among others.

Platform Governance

The Platform Governance team is responsible for the Identity and Access Management scope within the Digibee Integration Platform.
We highlight the following upcoming features for Q4/22:

User's locked login status

We are developing a way to inform the access manager which users have had locked login attempts so that this issue can be resolved more quickly.

Locked login notification

When a suspicious login attempt is locked, the user wants to know how to resolve this issue in a fast way. We are currently working on a process to notify the user and teach them how to fix the problem.

Login using the authentication code

After being notified of the locked login attempt, the access manager wants to know a way to fix the issue by themselves to avoid opening a request ticket for the support team. We are currently conducting studies to find out the best solution for this issue.


The Components team is responsible for creating and updating Triggers, Components and Functions of the Digibee Integration Platform.
We highlight the following upcoming features for Q4/22:

Communication via TCP/IP Sockets

Investigate the technical viability to develop a new trigger and component that enables communication via TCP/IP sockets.

New Components

The Components team is constantly working on components requested by our customers to meet their needs.

Core Platform

The Core Platform team is responsible for developing internal features to accelerate delivery by all other Digibee teams.
We highlight the following upcoming features for Q4/22:

New trigger architecture

We are working on improvements in the architectural division of the Platform to simplify trigger development, bring greater delivery speed, mitigate communication and deployment problems, as well as save computational resources.


The Monitor team is responsible for creating the best Monitoring and Troubleshooting experience for the Digibee Integration Platform.
We highlight the following upcoming features for Q4/22:

Pipeline metrics integration

We are creating an API that provides pipeline metrics to our customers. This feature will enable customers to integrate their pipeline metrics with the monitoring technologies they already use.

New overview page

We are redesigning the overview page to improve user experience. Some of the new features include an overview of all pipelines and search profiles.

Improve usability on the pipeline logs and pipeline metrics pages

We are working to improve the user experience on the pipeline metrics and pipeline logs pages.

Alerts and Notifications

We are currently conducting studies to determine the best way to provide a feature that alerts users when an error occurs in their integration flows.

Growth and Licensing

The Growth and Licensing team is responsible for improving the user experience in managing and acquiring licenses and helping customers grow their platform usage on their own.
We highlight the following upcoming features for Q4/22:

Subscription page

This page will allow user's of the SaaS Subscription based model to know how many pipelines and RTUs they have purchased and how they are being used.
In the future, the Subscription page will contain all the information you need, regardless of which license model you signed up for.


The Run team's role and responsibilities are to provide a safe and reliable experience for the deployment and execution of the pipeline.
We highlight the following upcoming features for Q4/22:

Update the Run page to asynchronous refresh

Lively and dynamic information is among the most important expectations of the Run module users. The interactive display of the Platform information on this page will be the first step to provide this experience.

Improvements to the integration status panel

We are currently researching and designing new sets of pipeline executions information that will be displayed in the status panel