Product Recap, Q4/22

Recap the main features released on the fourth quarter of 2022
This article presents the Recap of the main features released by Digibee in the fourth quarter of 2022.


The new component update makes it easier to read in a very large amount of data by creating a file format with the data information through two new parameters: Send as File and File Name.
Connects to the Google Bigtable service on the pipeline and allows operations to be performed on the Bigtable instances.
The DB v2 and Stream DB V3 components can access and perform operations in the Teradata Database, a relational database used for large data warehousing.
The new update in the S3 Storage component allows the adoption of a custom endpoint URL in the pipeline, providing autonomy and freedom to AWS users in the Platform.
The Cassandra DB component performs operations on an Apache Cassandra, a NoSQL database designed to manage large amounts of data in real time, enabling immediate response and point-of-failure support.
A new update that strengthens a secure connection to an instance via SSL/TLS, enables the creation of custom certificates, and also includes the "expire after seconds" parameter that allows you to specify the time (in seconds) after which documents with a TTL index to expire.


The new version of the Digibee Integration Platform pipeline creation environment is now available in Beta. New features such as Validation alerts, Search Field, Flow tree, Auto pan, and Minimap improve the user experience with more accuracy, easier connections and navigation.
The My Usage page allows you to easily track the consumption and availability of the Pipeline Subscriptions and RTUs available in your Realm.
The redeploy feature on the Run page makes the process of redeploying the pipeline easier and faster for both Test and Prod environments. This allows a pipeline to be redeployed more quickly when an error occurs.
Thanks to the redesign of the Run page, you can track the status of the deployment in real time with the following information: Error, Starting, Deployed and Deleting.
The page where you can track the execution of pipelines and their log histories has now seen more enhancements: new buttons, addition of the elapsed time unit, and improvements to the search field.
The improvements on the pipeline logs page include: new buttons, improvements to the search field and adjustment in timestamp formatting in log details.
This feature improves access management experience to realms with many users and also encourages more customers to integrate their realm with an Identity Provider (IdP).
This feature allows customers interested in enabling integrated authorization in their realms to test Digibee group integrations with Identity provider groups (IdP) and simulate IdP login of a test user.