Product Recap, Q2/22

Recap the main features released on the second quarter of 2022.
This article recaps the main features released for the Digibee Integration Platform in the second quarter of 2022.
The mutual protocol TLS (mTLS) is already released to all clients (general availability). This authentication protocol strengthens the security of the Digibee Integration Platform, exposing APIs with mTLS without requiring the client to have its own API gateway.
This security feature allows configuring response headers directly in HTTP triggers (HTTP Trigger, HTTP File Trigger and REST Trigger). This ensures an additional layer of security for important transactions and proven responses for decision making.
The Kafka Component receives data in JSON, validates the data and makes the conversion to Avro format before sending it to the Kafka topic. With this format, large data traffic can be faster and with fewer errors.
Just like the Kafka Component, the Kafka Trigger is characterized by speed and high fault tolerance. This trigger takes a large amount of data in Avro format and converts it to JSON so that it can be processed by the pipeline.
This functionality records every single action a user takes on the Platform, Portal, Administrative API, or digibeectl, which helps manage and map actions on the Digibee Integration Platform.
With this component, Digibee customers who have heavy workloads have access to Cassandra, a NoSQL database designed to manage large amounts of data in real time.
This component allows customers using Azure Blob Storage to manipulate objects stored in the cloud through the Digibee Integration Platform.