RPA (Deprecated)

Know the component and how to use it.
RPA is configured to browse webpages and interact with them, making a remote process automation.
Take a look at the configuration parameters of the component:
  • Code: javascript code for the RPA Crawler service to be executed.
  • Timeout: maximum execution time for the RPA script.
  • Allow Insecure HTTPS Connections: when activated, the option allows non-reliable HTTPS connections to be established.

RPA in Action

You can put some variables in the "code" to be switched.
{ ... code: '.goto(#{url}).wait(#{condition}).end()', ...}
The request body must have these variables:
{ url: '', condition: '#r1-0 a.result__a'}
See the example below:
.type('#search_form_input_homepage', 'github nightmare')
.wait('#r1-0 a.result__a')
.evaluate(() => document.querySelector('#r1-0 a.result__a').href)
  • goto: URL to be accessed
  • type: type anything insude an input dome ID
  • click: function use to click some button
  • wait: wait for properties/buttons to be loaded
  • evaluate: evaluate some property
  • end: mandatory in the end of your code
To see more examples, click here.