Learn what are projects and how to use them

What are projects?

Projects are folders that you can use to organize and group pipelines.

How to use projects

Here's what you can do with projects:
  • Create a project with name and description
Creating a project
  • Edit or archive a project
Editing or archiving a project
Due to audit matters, you can't edit the name of a project. If you need to change the name of a project, create a new project with the correct name and migrate the pipelines to it.
You can only archive projects with no pipelines.
  • Move a pipeline between projects by clicking on the highlighted icon below and dragging the pipeline to another project. You can also select multiple pipelines by pressing CTRL (or CMD for Mac), clicking on the pipelines and dragging them by the highlighted icon:
Moving a pipeline between projects
  • Assign a pipeline to a project when creating it by selecting the desired project when saving the pipeline.
Assigning a pipeline to a project when creating it